Tuesday, February 25, 2014


In case you haven't already noticed, we have a new website! Our domain, www.digikillerrecords.com will now take you straight there. But in case you have our blogspot URL bookmarked and haven't seen it, hit that hyperlink above and check it out! This blog will still remain as-is and potentially have posts added to it, but *NEW RELEASES WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED HERE ANYMORE!* All new releases will appear on our new website, which features a whole heap of improvements over the blogspot template. The new site has a shopping cart for retail ordering and is fully searchable and indexed by artist and label. We've also cross-linked all tunes on same rhythms. Please check it out! We're still adding some of the sound samples but they'll all be up there eventually. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, so hit that contact page. Thanks!