Friday, March 11, 2011

CHANNEL 1 10" 45


CHANNEL 1 10" 45 RPM





All tunes feature dubs.
All records are manufactured in the USA using high quality virgin vinyl.

Round two of Channel One releases! Continuing in our campaign to re-release the jewels of the Channel 1 catalog which have not been back out since their original release, we bring you our first batch of 10-inches, the dubplate-style vinyl format introduced to reggae by Channel 1 in the early 1980's. After introducing the 12-inch discomix to JA in the late 1970's, Channel was innovating again in the early 1980's, bringing out a barrage of 10-inches from their new NY base, featuring many awesome tracks. Among those was this double-sider from the man called McWoner (or Mac Warner). He didn't seem to do too much recording, but what made it on to vinyl is mostly fantastic, and at the top are these tunes, "Nuh Fire It" and "Higher Region" (both followed by dubs). Next is a pairing of two of our favorites - Barry Brown's "Over Me" and Angela Prince's "Joker Lover." The Barry Brown cut is again, like our last batch of releases on the Flabba label, one of his finest tunes of the era. The Angela Prince is an often-overlooked tune, with mournful lovers lyrics on top of one of Channel's all-time heaviest riddims. Again, both tunes are followed by dubs. Now, regarding our second pair of 10-inches, DKR has left no stone unturned in the search for the forgotten by many, revered by some, and seldom or never heard tunes of the past, which for one reason or another, were never released, sold only on dubplate, or never played again after being committed to tape. And in turning over so many stones, we've managed to find some gold, and have dug up some things previously thought lost. So begins the Channel 1 "Lost & Found" series, unreleased material from 29 Maxfield Avenue, straight from master tapes. We're kicking off this series with two monster releases. First, from the man called Horace Andy. After producing some tunes with Horace in the 1970's, Channel One went back to work with Horace in the early 1980's, releasing a fantastic showdown LP featuring Horace and Patrick Andy, via Sonic Sounds' Thunderbolt label. But in addition to those tunes, another grip of equally great tunes were also made which didn't end up on the album, and here's two of the best. "Why Oh Why" made the rounds on dubplate at the time, the riddim is heavy like lead, and you might recognize it from other released cuts. "Satisfy Me" has Horace riding the same riddim as Barry Brown's "Over Me", to equally great effect. Both tracks are followed by dubs. Lastly, a tune that needs little introduction, the mighty "Rocks and Mountains", produced by Sly & Robbie at 29 Maxfield Avenue. While never officially released, this tune was made famous thru play on UK sound systems. And while the vocalists of this tune have long been rumored to be the Mighty Travellers, who self-produced some tunes and cut an LP for Jammy's, no one has been able to definitively confirm this. This recording has been sourced straight from a mastertape containing dubplate mixes of other released and more well known Sly & Robbie productions from the early 1980's, but which bore no notation of "Rocks and Mountains" presence at all. So decades later, the mystery endures, but the music finally comes into the light and speaks for itself. One thing is certain though, the mighty sound of Channel 1 still rules in 2011!

FOR WHOLESALE ORDERING INFORMATION, please email digikillerrecords at gmail dot com. The minimum for a wholesale order is 15 total pieces, any combination of titles. Nearly our full back catalog is also available, please see the release listing on the right side of this page. For retail/individual sales, please visit any of the online shops linked on this page, who should be stocking these titles shortly.

Sound clips are below:

McWoner - Higher Region

McWoner - Higher Region DUB

McWoner - Nuh Fire It

McWoner - Nuh Fire It DUB

Barry Brown - Over Me

Barry Brown - Over Me DUB

Angela Prince - Joker Lover

Angela Prince - Joker Lover DUB

Horace Andy - Why Oh Why

Horace Andy - Why Oh Why DUB

Horace Andy - Satisfy Me

Horace Andy - Satisfy Me DUB

Unknown Artist - Rocks & Mountains

Unknown Artist - Rocks & Mountains DUB

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Dread

We want to big up Syphilia Morgenstierne's awesome website, which features some really amazing photos of the music scene and more, which she took on a trip to Jamaica in 1978.

We had some of the DKR/Channel 1 family take a look thru these photos, and they made some great ID's for us. Please check out Syphilia's website and enjoy large, high quality versions of these great photos which she has so graciously chosen to share with the world. Below are some ID's that we thought would be particularly interesting to those who check our site.

man in the white shirt is legendary Channel 1 artist ENFORCER

man with hand on his face is singer GEORGE COLDSTOCK

peering out behind Bunny Tom Tom is a young SOLJIE (also seen here behind I-Roy)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In the Area

back in Brooklyn and new tunes about to drop...hold your breath...