Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Dread

We want to big up Syphilia Morgenstierne's awesome website, which features some really amazing photos of the music scene and more, which she took on a trip to Jamaica in 1978.

We had some of the DKR/Channel 1 family take a look thru these photos, and they made some great ID's for us. Please check out Syphilia's website and enjoy large, high quality versions of these great photos which she has so graciously chosen to share with the world. Below are some ID's that we thought would be particularly interesting to those who check our site.

man in the white shirt is legendary Channel 1 artist ENFORCER

man with hand on his face is singer GEORGE COLDSTOCK

peering out behind Bunny Tom Tom is a young SOLJIE (also seen here behind I-Roy)

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