Saturday, February 27, 2010

"All who gone abroad, remember yard..."

Just a quick update - DKR crew has just returned from an awesome time in Kingston, so we're back to work here in Brooklyn on upcoming releases. In approximately two weeks we will have our next releases, the first round of a multi-part reissue program of tunes from one of our favorite producers, who's work we feel has yet to receive the attention it deserves. We hope to change that, so keep an eye out. The King Kong 12", 14 Karat label 12"s, and Philip Myers 7" are all still available, so get in touch if you would like to place a wholesale order, or check any of the retailers linked on this blog for individual copies. We've also added another name for our works. In thinking about our often-used acronym, we came up with Deeper Knowledge Records as something a little more suited to some of the serious roots music we have in the works. But really, our name is of no concern in light of the many big tunes that are on the way, so thanks for your continued support. I'll end this message with a photo of the mythical CHANNEL 1 studio, circa February 2010. We recently had the pleasure of standing witness to this legendary spot, and we won't soon forget it.


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sydney said...

love the song grat prodotion