Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forward Ever!

Just an update to say that all Leggo Sounds releases have shipped and should be reaching shops worldwide any day now. Philip Myers 7", King Kong 12", and the 14 Karat label 12"s should be available at most of the shops linked on this page. If you are having trouble finding any of them, email us and we will help sort it out. These releases are getting down to the last copies from us, and are not likely to be pressed again anytime soon. Nuff new releases are in progress and we should have a pair of wicked new 12" releases in a few weeks, right alongside more forthcoming heat on our bredren's GOLDSHOP label. So keep your eyes open! Plenty big tune back on road right now and more and more to come, just the way we like it. We leave again with another snapshot from Kingston -

the sign in the yard at the legendary Dynamic Sounds, 15 Bell Road, Kingston 11, says it all. NO IDLERS. Forward Ever!

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